Why Children Do NOT Attend School

1. Families need the immediate labor and income which their children can provide to meet their basic survival needs. WIT assists families in meeting basic needs by providing children with tuition scholarships and offering families some additional financial support. Families are thus enabled to create a financial plan that includes long-term investment in a child’s education with the expectation of a high return on that investment.

2. In a large family with many children, students are rarely able to attend school for two consecutive years. Typically, children alternate attending years. WIT enables children to attend school for at least 6 consecutive years through 6th grade.

3. Citizens with Mayan heritage are more impoverished and marginalized than their Hispanic counterparts. WIT supports Mayan citizens since they have been discriminated against for decades. The lower educational level of Mayan children has resulted in a lower standard of living in Mayan communities.

4. Cultural norms in Guatemala dictate a higher priority to educate males. WIT encourages equal opportunity in education not only to foster equality, but also because studies have suggested that educating girls and boys equally results in lower birth rates, longer life expectancies, lower mortality rates and higher economic growth.

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